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RE: [F_minor] Beethoven Bagatelle #3

I agree with Fred that, at least for me, the Bagatelles are superior to GG's Sonata recordings (this has less to do with GG, but more with the Beethoven and my personal preferences; and that is not to say that the sonatas are inferior per se - far from it).  The Bagatelles bring across so much in terms of personality (Beethoven's? GG's?) and a range of emotions (to me, I hear a good-sized temper at work, and lots of humor!) that is seems a very human/humanizing listening experience (perhaps at bit more earthy than Fred's impressions - but to each his own).

In fact, there's something I wanted to ask forever about Bagatelle ) Op.126, No.4 in B minor - I hear GG playing a stretch of it in almost a ragtime fashion (syncopation) which I didn't find indicated in the score I have (please don't ask me for the edition.... I would have to dig).  Is this truly a GG add-on (I tend to think so as there exist some GG juvenilia when he plays it "straight" and incredibly fast)?  Or are you aware of other interpreters taking a similar tack?

Thanks much!

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This is GG playing Beethoven - Bagatelle No.3 Op.126.  I own a copy of
this but caught it today on You Tube.  I was reminded of a passage in
Kings [19:12] when God speaks to the Prophet Elijah in a quiet still
voice, a whisper.  When I listen to GG play this piece, I feel that he
has articulated the stillness that Beethoven had found within his own
heart as he humbled his soul before God.  That is the impression it
leaves with me.  GG has drawn us into the quiet waiting room just
outside of God's room, so to speak.  

I tend to feel that GG's playing of the Beethoven miniature pieces
excels over the sonatas.  It struck me today that the miniature pieces,
like the Bagatelles are like individual paintings that when heard one
after the other as the Opus is meant to be heard, they take on the
aspect of a kaleidoscope.  The effect, for me, is utterly sublime and is
on par with his last string quartets.  

Fred Houpt

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