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[F_minor] Movie

Hi all. Just finished watching "32 short films of GG".  This was now my 2'nd full viewing of the film.  I must say that my appreciation of it today is completely different than years ago.  Like a very good red wine, it has aged well.  I cannot say highly enough that this movie is essential GG material and all fanatics amongst us should endeavor to find a copy to enjoy.

Listened to first 1/2 hour of "The idea of north" a few nights ago.  Simply incredible what he was doing with the mixed voices. A mind altering experience.  I am left with the feeling that GG was one of the most avante guard artists of the 20'th C.  Had he succumbed to all the pressures and compromised his being to adapt to what people expected of him, we would have been robbed of his essential genius.  His rebellious but brave decision to withdraw into a world that he could totally control might not be our idea of life but it was his.  And thank goodness for that.

A day without GG is simply less.

All the best 

Fred Houpt
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