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GG Glenn Gould and Marshall McLuhan

From: Sven-S.

> I've read the Name McLuhan a couple of times on f-minor already - but
> I've got no idea what he's writing about. Is it worth reading?

It is if you are interested in  communications theory and the media.  Glenn
Gould and Marshall McLuhan shared many visionary ideas about technology.
"The Art of Glenn Gould" edited by John Roberts contains "A reconstructed
encounter between Gould and Marshall McLuhan ..." from pages 232 to 253.  A
quote from GG ..  "I have now interviewed McLuhan twice - for High Fidelity
and the CBC - and have between times got to know  him rather well.  He
remains for me a subject both fascinating and frustrating, and his
writings - an extraordinary mixture of wackiness with brilliant
perceptions."  How often have we said something similar about GG?  McLuhan
was the one who coined the phrase "The medium is the message."
On page 50C of "Glenn Gould -Music & Mind" by Geoffrey Payzant, there is a
group photo.  GG and McLuhan are together on the far right.