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Re: GG Glenn Gould and Marshall McLuhan

I think somewhere in the voluminous Gould literature, it was written that
they were next door neighbors.

Daniel Vaiser

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From: "Anne Smith" <smithqa@NEXICOM.NET>
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2001 12:39 PM
Subject: GG Glenn Gould and Marshall McLuhan

> From: Sven-S.
> > I've read the Name McLuhan a couple of times on f-minor already - but
> > I've got no idea what he's writing about. Is it worth reading?
> It is if you are interested in  communications theory and the media.
> Gould and Marshall McLuhan shared many visionary ideas about technology.
> "The Art of Glenn Gould" edited by John Roberts contains "A reconstructed
> encounter between Gould and Marshall McLuhan ..." from pages 232 to 253.
> quote from GG ..  "I have now interviewed McLuhan twice - for High
> and the CBC - and have between times got to know  him rather well.  He
> remains for me a subject both fascinating and frustrating, and his
> writings - an extraordinary mixture of wackiness with brilliant
> perceptions."  How often have we said something similar about GG?  McLuhan
> was the one who coined the phrase "The medium is the message."
> On page 50C of "Glenn Gould -Music & Mind" by Geoffrey Payzant, there is a
> group photo.  GG and McLuhan are together on the far right.
> Anne