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Re: Ask glenn?

>http://users.erols.com/petalpages/gg/index.htm   <--- Ex Libris Glenn Gould

I briefly skimmed through it and will give it a more detailed look when
I've got more time. Thanks for the link - it's quite interesting. Is the
list complete? It seems quite short to me.

I've read the Name McLuhan a couple of times on f-minor already - but
I've got no idea what he's writing about. Is it worth reading?

I saw the 'Lord of the Rings' is in there. I wonder whether he finished
it or stopped somewhere on his way through the first volume.

Oh - and on the subject of discussing with GG - personally I am quite
fond of phoning people for hours in the middle of the night (although
I've experienced, only those living sufficiently many timezones away from
me actually do appreciate it) - so having a few hours on the phone should
be fun :)


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