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Re: Ask glenn?

Dear Sven Paige, Elmer, Zeldah, and the rest...

Here is the contents, for the most part of Mr. Gould's book collection. His
favourite book was The three cornered world, has anyone read it? Its very
good. I believe he has read all of Soseki's works. At least all that were
available at the time. In anywise, Sven, I'm well past my bedtime but you
may want to look and see if there are any books there that may shed light on
your question. Sleep well F-minors, dream the dreams of kings and queens

http://users.erols.com/petalpages/gg/index.htm   <--- Ex Libris Glenn Gould

Enjoy the link.


On 9/4/01 11:13 PM, "Sven-S. Porst" <ssp@EARTHLING.NET> wrote:

>> What one question, would you ask, Mr. Gould, providing he1d answer it no
>> matter what it was? What do you suppose his answer would be?
> Interestingly, I cannot think of a single question to ask. To me there is
> no big question I've always wanted to ask him.
> I am sure it would be extremely enjoyable to spend an evening or a whole
> week with him discussing various topics (say, taste in literature,
> philosophy, food, anything really) - but that's probably just the
> assumption that discussing those with any interesting and intelligent
> persion is well worth the time and not specific to GG.
> Actually, I can imagine a few topics I wouldn't talk about. Among them,
> funnily, is his music as - while I love listening to it and all - I
> assume that subject would be extremely boring for him due to my immense
> ignorance (personally I hate talking to people about things I am advanced
> at if they are  ignorant amateurs - especially if they are genuinely
> interested as I wouldn't want to put them off). Also politics and current
> affairs wouldn't be too good a subject as I am too young to consciously
> remember the time when he was still alive...
> Errrm, one thing I am wondering about is whether he liked mathematics
> (and that's real mathematics not numerology humbug and the likes). As
> appreciation  of both structure and beauty seems important in both music
> and mathematics, I am alwas curious to learn more about the relation of
> them. (And, btw, I've met quite a few GG fans in mathematics departments..).
> So, if I had to ask a single question right now, I guess I couldn't come
> up with a better one than that one. No idea about the answer - but I'll
> keep my fingers crossed that it's positive :)
>           Sven
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