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GG: Musical Tastes

>X-From_: f_minor-approval@ogandalf.rutgers.edu  Mon Apr  7 10:04:26 1997
>From: Omri Tal <OmriT@optibase.co.il>
>To: "'Gould'" <f_minor@email.rutgers.edu>
>Subject: GG: Musical Tastes
>Date: Mon, 7 Apr 1997 15:33:22 +0200
>Hi all,
>	I would first like to thank the people who contributed
>	on the Chaccone thread that I initiated. Still, I love
>	the Busoni transcription and regret the fact that GG did
>	not record it.
>	On a different note, I was thinking about his musical 
>	preferences, which there is substantial information about.
>	But, some things are hard to accept: his total rejection
>	of magor composers such as Chopin ( well except Sonata #2 ),
>	Schumann, Liszt ( except Beet. 5th & 6th Symph ), Rachmaninoff
>	etc. Maybe it was just an impression that he wanted to generate in
>	( Hold it, I'm a true Bach & GG addict )
>	 I can just imagine him playing those wonderful Chopin
>	Nocturnes late at night when everybody's asleep...
>	I always thought that someones CD collection is the most true
>	of his musical tastes. If you love it you will eventually aquire it.
>	So, the point is, is there any info out there about the contents
>(existance ?)
>	of his Record / Tape / CD(?) collection ? Not just comments and quotes
>	the real Truth...
>	Anyone ? 
>		Omri Tal
>Hi f_minor

I think that Glenn's records (there were no cds) were included in the
collection acquired by the National Library of Canada - while I recall that
the records were later transferred from the GG Collection to the record
collection the NLC noted Gould's record collection in its records or
catalogue of the GG collection - you should be able to get the answer there.

Steve Posen