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GG: Musical Tastes

Hi all,
	I would first like to thank the people who contributed
	on the Chaccone thread that I initiated. Still, I love
	the Busoni transcription and regret the fact that GG did
	not record it.
	On a different note, I was thinking about his musical 
	preferences, which there is substantial information about.
	But, some things are hard to accept: his total rejection
	of magor composers such as Chopin ( well except Sonata #2 ),
	Schumann, Liszt ( except Beet. 5th & 6th Symph ), Rachmaninoff
	etc. Maybe it was just an impression that he wanted to generate in
	( Hold it, I'm a true Bach & GG addict )
	 I can just imagine him playing those wonderful Chopin
	Nocturnes late at night when everybody's asleep...
	I always thought that someones CD collection is the most true
	of his musical tastes. If you love it you will eventually aquire it.
	So, the point is, is there any info out there about the contents
(existance ?)
	of his Record / Tape / CD(?) collection ? Not just comments and quotes
	the real Truth...

	Anyone ? 
		Omri Tal