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Two Portraits

Ahem... having had a few moments to recover from my spontaneous
penny-pinching outburst ( I get so worked up over retail prices!), let me
provide a bit more thorough info on the Kultur video:

Glenn Gould: Two Portraits, released thru Kultur Jan 1997 (after a few
shipping delays due to missed art deadlines); order #1480, $19.95

I've just received a report of a sales rep at the Kultur 1-800# who didn't
know who Glenn Gould was and wasn't familiar with the video in question
(duh!) so just in case let me give a back-up ordering number: (908)
229-2343. I've always tended to call this number, and the clerks seem to be
very in tune with what's going on. Otherwise, you can try your luck with
1-800-458-5887. Good luck!

Regards, Kristen


"Baldrick, you wouldn't know a cunning plan if one tap-danced up and down a
xylophone singing 'Cunning Plans Are Here Again.'"
                                                        -R. Atkinson