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Re: Two Portraits

I enjoyed it a lot, but of course I'm biased. After all, Glenn Gould
is in it. But at the time it was made, it was one of the first TV
documentaries to

Still, it was great fun to see Glenn talk about something without a
script or a TelePrompTer. Besides, where else can you see Glenn Gould
playing the piano in his bathrobe or walking the dog? Or taking a cab?
(He looked a bit uncomfortable there, didn't he?)

Also, the scenes of the guys talking in the recording booth will make
you realize that the makers of "Thirty-two Short Films..." did a great
job recreating those scenes.

By the way, has anyone seen the more standard documentary "Glenn
Gould: A Portrait"? What was that one like? I saw a list of the shots
on some Web site. The shots sounded intriguing, though most of them
were of course quite short, but I wasn't sure if I should buy the
film. (Or perhaps, to reminisce about an old topic, I should have
pronounced that "fillum"?...)

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>Dear F-minoreans,
>I'm not sure if this subject has been brought up already, but I am
>considering on getting the video Glenn Gould: Two Portraits.  For
>who have seen it and/or own a copy of it, please give me your opinion
>to whether the video is worth getting.  Thanks in advance, :-) Elisha
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