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Re: Two Portraits

Anne M. Marble wrote:

> By the way, has anyone seen the more standard documentary "Glenn
> Gould: A Portrait"? What was that one like? I saw a list of the shots
> on some Web site. The shots sounded intriguing, though most of them
> were of course quite short, but I wasn't sure if I should buy the
> film. (Or perhaps, to reminisce about an old topic, I should have
> pronounced that "fillum"?...)


I have seen "Glenn Gould: A Portrait" and it's very good.  It follows
Glenn's life from infancy to death and is an excellent, high quality
production.  Lot's of still shots of Glenn, yes, as a baby and as a boy
in school with interviews from his classmates, associates and
also his father.  There are also some rare film clips, playing piano
at the cottage, etc..  One humorous clip is when he was about
15 years old testing pianos at the Steinway store and he's so
anxious to try each piano he plays one for a few seconds, jumps
up and trys another and his father is right behind him with his special

There are also other humorous incidents in GG's life as told
in interviews.  His rise to fame is well told and quite fascinating.
There are only very brief clips of Gould at the piano- no full length
performances.  But, even these short clips show GG in top form.

This mini-documetary is four 30 minute shows put together, and
since have not seen Two Portraits, I don't know if Portrait includes
these two. Anyone know?  Also, I thought this documentary
was out of print?   Where did you find a place to order it?