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GG: 2 portraits

What a pleasant surprise to receive my 
"VideoFinders" catalogue in the mail today and see 
that they now have the "Two Portraits" video 
available for $29.95.  Their phone is 

There's a great picture of the video cover.  A very 
young, intense GG.  Here's the description:

"Filmed at the time of iconoclastic pianist Glenn 
Gould's artistic debut, these two historic profiles 
capture the virtuoso in his prime.

<On the Record> follows him in New York for a 
recording session as he banters with a cab driver 
{cut out of A&Es showing} and sound engineers, and 
then settles into his work -- recording Bach's 
Italian Concerto-- with his renowned vigor, 
sensitivity and perfectionism.

<Off the Record> shows Gould's personal side.  Set 
at his cottage retreat near Lake Simcoe, Ontario, 
Gould revels in his freedom from public 
performance--playing for his collie, rambling 
through the woods, and cahatting about composition 
with fellow musician Franz Kraemer."

Colleen, see, it never ends!

Lori L.