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A small request

First, a brief introduction, as I've
lurked here for a long time but rarely
write. Donna Horowitz, amateur pianist
(professional compensation analyst),
turned on to Bach and Beethoven by listening
to Gould, own all the videos (except that
new one the Lori just posted about--I'll
order it today!), many many cds, and love
the list.

My request is this: if you'r writing to
someone on the list personally and cc:ing
the list, it would be a great favor to me
if you reversed those settings, ie writing
to the list and cc:ing the person. The reason
is that I subscribe to many many lists and
have a lovely filter program (written by
my fiance', also a pianist--we're from
different countries (the US/UK) and met
on rec.music.makers.piano nearly 2 years
ago) that for some reason can't catch
f-minor when it appears in the CC line, so
the mail gets misdirected.

It's purely a selfish request, I know, but
if it's not too much trouble, it would be
really appreciated. If not, no big deal.

Thanks to Mary Jo for all she does!

Donna Horowitz