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Re: Coincidence?

        The Monk/Gould coincidence aside, I find it a real coincidence that
Charles Rosen was recording his version of the Goldbergs at the 30th St.
studio in June '67, the month before Gould came down to record his
contemporary music album. Gould was even there at the end of June recording
Prokofiev. I wonder if the two of them ever ran into each other, and if so,
was Gould able to resist a bit of snobby paternalism about the Bergs? Can't
you just see it? "So Chuck, what've you got there? Oh, the Goldbergs, eh?
Cute little pieces. I recorded those once, back when I was 23 - maybe
you've heard the record? It did fairly well; a few people said I had really
redefined the work. Well, I better move along, best of luck to you and your

(Ok, maybe he wouldn't be *that* rude ;-)


"Baldrick, you wouldn't know a cunning plan if one tap-danced up and down a
xylophone singing 'Cunning Plans Are Here Again.'"
                                                        -R. Atkinson