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In February of 1968, this century's two great piano eccentrics were
recording within 8 days of each other in Columbia's 30th Street studio in
New York City.

I think you will have guessed who I'm referring to. Yes. Gould and Monk.

On February 6, 1968 -- and earlier during January -- GG was recording the D
minor Scarlatti sonata, just released on the ITALIAN CONCERTO album; 8 days
later, on February 14, 1968 Monk was adding tracks to his seminal

What a wonderful thought: that there may have been occasions when GG,
steeping his hands in a plastic bowl of boiled water prior to playing, or
impatiently nibbling an arrowroot, was waiting for Monk to vacate the
studio, no doubt leaving the place full of a reeking cloud of dope smoke
and cigarette ends. Oh my God: GG would have hated that.

But what, I wonder, if anything, did they think of each other? It seems
unbelievable that they could have been untouched by each other. I fully
expect an erudite F_minor list member to produce at *least* one GG quote on
Monk. Or vice versa.

Very best,  Alun

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