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Re: GG:lefthanded

On Sun, 6 Apr 1997, Rob Potharst wrote:

> Do you (or anyone?) know whether the Brahms arrangement of the Chaconne
> has been published? I would very much like to try it on the piano...
Oh yes, the Brahms arrangement has been published for years --
I think one can even find it in the Kalmus edition of Brahms's
complete piano works in the volume with the other exercises.

I love Leon Fleischer, but I've never really found that arrangement
particularly exciting or interesting.  It seems Brahms did much
better in the finale to the 4th Symphony (for which I think the
Chaconne served as a model).  On the other hand, the Bach-Busoni
Chaconne is poetry -- I see it as a monument to the 19th-century
piano tradition.

Rob Haskins
Eastman School of Music