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Re: Coincidence?

Hi, Alun:

That *is* quite a coincidence.  Sorry to say that I can't think of
a *single* thing ever uttered by GG about Monk.  And that's too bad,
really.  Is there any doubt that they are both piano *icons*.

GG did make flattering references to both Oscar Peterson and Bill Evans,
if I recall correctly, but nothing to my knowledge on Thelonious Sphere.
There was a Bill Evans album that originally contained some comments by
GG about this being "his kind of music", but I forget the specific album

I'm not sure that the repetitive nature of "Raise Four" or "Thelonious"
would have appealed to GG, much less Monk's angular technique or unusual
harmonic voicings.  It's hard not to like the UNDERGROUND rendition of "In
Walked Bud", however, with Jon Hendricks ad-libbing that wonderful vocal
part.  It's really a great album!

I wonder how much of the Bud Powell/Monk/Bird lineage Gould would have
known about.  This music was really *not* well-known or appreciated in
Ontario when I grew up in the sixties.  Certainly, places like the Royal
Consevatory would have been *totally* insulated from this music.

Oscar Peterson was a bit better known (he could be worked in as Canadian
Content much more easily by the CBC, for those of you familiar with the
CRTC), so GG might have had more easy access to albums like Peterson's
NIGHT TRAIN (masterful!) from 1963.

Is anyone aware of any direct quotes by GG about Thelonious Monk?

John Hill
Dept. of Recording Industry
Middle Tennessee State University

On Mon, 7 Apr 1997, Alun Severn wrote:

> In February of 1968, this century's two great piano eccentrics were
> recording within 8 days of each other in Columbia's 30th Street studio in
> New York City.
> I think you will have guessed who I'm referring to. Yes. Gould and Monk.
> On February 6, 1968 -- and earlier during January -- GG was recording the D
> minor Scarlatti sonata, just released on the ITALIAN CONCERTO album; 8 days
> later, on February 14, 1968 Monk was adding tracks to his seminal
> What a wonderful thought: that there may have been occasions when GG,
> steeping his hands in a plastic bowl of boiled water prior to playing, or
> impatiently nibbling an arrowroot, was waiting for Monk to vacate the
> studio, no doubt leaving the place full of a reeking cloud of dope smoke
> and cigarette ends. Oh my God: GG would have hated that.
> But what, I wonder, if anything, did they think of each other? It seems
> unbelievable that they could have been untouched by each other. I fully
> expect an erudite F_minor list member to produce at *least* one GG quote on
> Monk. Or vice versa.
> Very best,  Alun
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