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Re: GG: Shuffling Diatribe

John P. Hill wrote:

> It's hard to say if he was *really* ticked off by the scarf and gloves
> comment or just *acting* ticked off for the control room personnel.
> After the impromtu photo shoot there is a short restaurant sequence
> with GG, Hunstein and producer Howard Scott.  During this exchange,
> GG acts suitably perturbed when Scott gets in some offhanded comments
> about Canada being a cold, backwoods outpost and GG being a "barefoot
> Canadian boy".  The sequence demonstrates GG's dry wit and sense of
> humor, which seems to have been close to the surface a good bit of the
> time.


I was pretty convinced GG was perturbed (more so with Scott than 
Hunstein I think).  After all, the group goes for "tea" because he 
then needed to "get back in the mood" using his own words.

Although, Gould did strike me as being as non-confrontational as 
possible.  At the same time, there were certain convictions he had 
which he wished to defend.  He never seemed to mind the critics 
providing they criticized the music and not his eccentricities.  I 
believe the glove and scarf comment was Scott's attempt to exploit 
that particular eccentricity and so GG got steamed.

In any case, that is the most fascinating glimpse into Gould's persona 
I have seen.