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GG: quote about centipede?

hi everyone--
Someone took out all the books on GG from the Princeton University 
I seem to remember either a quote from GG or something from one of the
books on GG (Cott or Payzant) which uses this analogy of a centipede's
ability to walk and Gould's technical ability to play: Gould doesn't want
to teach because once he tries to verbalize and be aware of the -process-
of his piano-playing, he can no longer do it, much as a centipede can no
longer move if you ask it which leg it moves first.
I'm writing a paper for an Asian-American anthropology course and thought
it would be a perfect quote in explaining how minority Americans, by being
made aware of their catagories and all the implications therein, are thus
paralyzed--that living is, like piano-playing, an art, yada yada yada.
anyways, thanks so much in advance.