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There are most certainly those among us who are already acquainted with this. 
For anyone who is not: Cory Arcangel (sic) coordinates Schoenberg's "Drei Klavierstuecke"
performed by 'Felis catus (cattus) youtube' with Glenn Gould's recording of the same.
"For those out there in Internet land wondering how close cats could 

come to Gould playing Schoenberg, in the below mp3, I have 
placed my cats
in the left channel and Gould in the right channel. 
Listen with headphones. 
It’s not so far off I think."

Scroll down to just below mid-page: Gould / Cats Comparison


If only the Toronto Humane Society would have thought of it first...
they still have time to put together a Gould / Dogs Comparison: could
be something along the lines of chosen 'Canis familiaris youtube' howls in 
response to police/ambulance sirens coordinated with the GG/Roslak recording
of Hindemith's "Das Marienleben". Left channel, right channel.


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