[f_minor] NYPO Mahher 9th interrupted by cell phone

Pat pzumst at bluewin.ch
Sat Jan 14 10:47:23 PST 2012

Will they also kick me out of the gig if I forget to switch my cell phone to flight mode during a performance of 4’33” ? 

I live in an area where there is No Culture. No Mahler Symphonies live, no brilliant actors performing Shakespeare. But if I could I would have the human decency to turn off that pestillence of a mobile device. I would also not even dare to go in jeans & shirt, I would pretzel up a bit, pay the artists some respect. Least you can do I reckon.

Shortly after he quit the concert circus GG argued that the experience of listening to music at home would replace concerts soon. He made a case in point in one of the “infamous” Humphrey Burton interviews (see the new GG DVD box for details)

If my memory is correct then one of his arguments was that more and more sophisticated HIFI systems would give the listener a wider range in terms of trebble, pitch etc and thus listening to music at home would be a spuperior experience.

He also clearly mistrusted a coughing, murmiring, sneezing concert goers. Let alone the touring circus and the feuilleton critique. He had his reasons for quitting, I guess coughing audiences were the least of his worries while merrily humming along to the score.
Not that he would be vindicated these days for his argumentation, but these little petty incidents certainly would be water on his mills.


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Well I reckon that had Master Joseph Haydn lived long enough he'd have 
incorporated various well-known ringtones into his compositions...

Here's another recent cell phone transgression story:



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Dear all

I read a rather amusing story today which has nothing to do per se with GG at first sight:


No wonder GG did not trust audiences.
Especially not these days where this sort of stuff happens more and more, theatre, cinema, even at funerals. How dumb, rude and ignorant can you be these days ? Then again how come they haven’t installed one of these nifty signal blockers ? Oh dear, Keith Jarrett would have had one of his trolling and raging fits hehe...and were he still alive this would have been a good argument for GG to claim that the concert performance is obsolete. At least from his point of view anyway.



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