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Mary,  I am prone to making mistakes on Facebook and other internet places.
 I tried to send a song to you today, a version of the Stones "Gimme
Shelter".  Did it go through?


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> There are most certainly those among us who are already acquainted with
> this.
> For anyone who is not: Cory Arcangel (sic) coordinates Schoenberg's "Drei
> Klavierstuecke"
> performed by 'Felis catus (cattus) youtube' with Glenn Gould's recording
> of the same.
> "*For those out there in Internet land wondering how close cats could
> actually
> come to Gould playing Schoenberg, in the below mp3, I** have placed my
> cats
> in the left channel and Gould in the right channel. Listen with
> headphones.
> It’s not so far off I think*."
> Scroll down to just below mid-page: *Gould / Cats Comparison*
> http://www.coryarcangel.com/things-i-made/dreiklavierstucke/
> If only the Toronto Humane Society would have thought of it first...
> they still have time to put together a *Gould / Dogs* *Comparison*: could
> be something along the lines of chosen 'Canis familiaris youtube' howls in
> response to police/ambulance sirens coordinated with the GG/Roslak
> recording
> of Hindemith's "Das Marienleben". Left channel, right channel.
> Mary
> , .
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