[f_minor] How To Cash In With Remasters

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My dear fellow F_miners

Slightly Off-Topic. but please consider this example, there is a GG connection: 

In a recent interview, Nick Mason (drummer of Pink Floyd) claimed that the time of hardware media such as the CD or DVD would be over very soon. Now would be one of the last opportunities if not the last to cash in big time. 
Not that Mason is running out of loose change any time soon. He just sees a good opportunity, as cynical as it is.

To a certain extent he is right. The local record store where you could buy rare or imported records from the US or Japan which were unavailable anywhere else closed shop years ago. Big record chains are useless and will follow suit some day. Amazon makes money with other crap than music and books. 

Only people of a certain age/wealth buy CDs or LPs these days. Over time they will become niche products. The youngens buy their music on iTunes or nick it off the web. 

And don't get me wrong here but the babyboomers who still were partly educated in classical music are not getting any younger. Find me a teenager who knows more about Mozart than Pink Floyd (just as an example in context) and  I will invite you for dinner at the must expensive hotel I can find in Basel, 1st Class flight included.

Now the remaining members of Pink Floyd decided to cash in one last time with lavish box sets per album.  I will spare you details, I for one can't wait despite the fact that I know I am being milked like a cow as it were. It will be worth it, some of the material has only been available "underground". One gem that will be lifted will be a performance with Stephane Grapelli, rumored to exist, but never heard before.

My question after the OT is: When will the classical segment realize that time is running out, as sad as it is ? 

And an even more pressing question: When will Sony and the CBC realize that GG's legacy *must* be dragged into the 21st C, kicking and screaming, before it will be to late to cash in "one last time" ? Similar actions must be taken as in the case of Pink Floyd, again just an example of how it could be done.

The recent posting about new DVDs from the CBC is at least until now an unconfirmed rumor, amazon.ca is silent on the subject as of yet. I shall believe it when I see it. And even when I see it I will have doubts, given the recent track record of both companies. How come the rockers are better at cashing in than the classicals ?

curious, slightly confused and worried about GG's audiovisual Legacy

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