[f_minor] How To Cash In With Remasters

Jörgen Lundmark jorgen.lundmark at sundsvall.nu
Sun Jun 12 17:47:40 EDT 2011

Hello Pat,

The recent posting about GG on DVD was from me -- would be nice to be 
included in your message. The source is genuine -- he has written liner 
notes about Gould's work in television. When I get more information I 
will relate it to the group, even though the sadly luke-warm interest in 
this to me most important Gould news -- I'm talking both about the 
Music&Arts release and the coming DVD collection -- doesn't exactly 
inspire me to make an effort. Let's ask ourselves what Fminor is here 
for. I for one is more interested in Gouldiana and Gould news than more 
or less inspired personal views.

> My dear fellow F_miners
> Slightly Off-Topic. but please consider this example, there is a GG 
> connection:
> In a recent interview, Nick Mason (drummer of Pink Floyd) claimed that 
> the time of hardware media such as the CD or DVD would be over very 
> soon. Now would be one of the last opportunities if not the last to 
> cash in big time.
> Not that Mason is running out of loose change any time soon. He just 
> sees a good opportunity, as cynical as it is.
> To a certain extent he is right. The local record store where you 
> could buy rare or imported records from the US or Japan which were 
> unavailable anywhere else closed shop years ago. Big record chains are 
> useless and will follow suit some day. Amazon makes money with other 
> crap than music and books.
> Only people of a certain age/wealth buy CDs or LPs these days. Over 
> time they will become niche products. The youngens buy their music on 
> iTunes or nick it off the web.
> And don't get me wrong here but the babyboomers who still were partly 
> educated in classical music are not getting any younger. Find me a 
> teenager who knows more about Mozart than Pink Floyd (just as an 
> example in context) and  I will invite you for dinner at the must 
> expensive hotel I can find in Basel, 1st Class flight included.
> Now the remaining members of Pink Floyd decided to cash in one last 
> time with lavish box sets per album.  I will spare you details, I for 
> one can't wait despite the fact that I know I am being milked like a 
> cow as it were. It will be worth it, some of the material has only 
> been available "underground". One gem that will be lifted will be a 
> performance with Stephane Grapelli, rumored to exist, but never heard 
> before.
> My question after the OT is: When will the classical segment realize 
> that time is running out, as sad as it is ?
> And an even more pressing question: When will Sony and the CBC realize 
> that GG's legacy *must* be dragged into the 21st C, kicking and 
> screaming, before it will be to late to cash in "one last time" ? 
> Similar actions must be taken as in the case of Pink Floyd, again just 
> an example of how it could be done.
> The recent posting about new DVDs from the CBC is at least until now 
> an unconfirmed rumor, amazon.ca <http://amazon.ca/> is silent on the 
> subject as of yet. I shall believe it when I see it. And even when I 
> see it I will have doubts, given the recent track record of both 
> companies. How come the rockers are better at cashing in than the 
> classicals ?
> Pat
> curious, slightly confused and worried about GG's audiovisual Legacy

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