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Hello Jorgen and all,

sorry if I've forgotten to thank you for the great news, better later than 
never :)
I've bought the box set a couple of months ago and it's truly a wonderful 
addition to the GG collection.
The Goldbergs aren't the cleanest but there are some interesting different 
"arrangements" and the 5th variation is surely the fastest ever 
In the BWV1052 - III  (7:02) a memory flaw or made on purpose?
Please let us know when you know something more about the new upcoming DVDs, 
thanks again.

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Hello all,

I'm a bit surprised and disappointed that the new Music&Arts-box didn't
create any enthusiasm to speak of. The recent talk about -- albeit
excellent -- Schiff talks on Beethoven has very little to do with Gould.
Anyway, here's a piece of news I hope at least some of you might find
interesting: CBC will release a number of DVDs with Glenn Gould. This
DVD release will be launched in Toronto on Sept. 27, and Europe and Asia
will follow a few months after that.

For you who will be in the cultural centre Gasteig in Munich in October,
there will be some kind of Glenn Gould oriented event, including a play
called “Glenn Gould vs Glenn Gould”.

This is really good news, don’t you think???


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