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1000% agree... I always guessed (hoped?) gouldians were non-homologated people, and of course not because there is something wrong in being homologated, but to me it's another one of those paradoxes like those music competitions named after GG...

being a webmaster I do understand and agree with the reasons behind the very low file-size limit, but the facebook suggestion is plain wrong even if only 1 member hasn't subscribed and even if this is an amateur non-commercial mailing list.

The easisest way to send large attachments is to host them on a good free hoster like http://www.mediafire.com/  or (images and video only) http://imageshack.us/  and copy/paste the url (=link) in the email



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   I wouldn't "join" Facebook if you held a pistol to my temple.

  so long,
  Mary Jensen

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