[f_minor] f_minor Digest, Vol 4, Issue 15

Elaine Parks elaine19c at yahoo.ca
Mon Jul 12 18:50:07 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,
 As I'm new to f_minor, I didn't know attachments were discouraged, and sorry if my sending one caused a kafuffle! The only reason I sent it was because the images I'd happened across on the net were without flowers and I thought they looked so sad. 
Have listened over and over to the 2 Goldberg Variations versions (neighbors have not complained yet!)...does anyone have a strong opinion about which they prefer? Wish I could blast the music out my window and turn on passersby to Bach and Gould but the air conditioner is on full time for now and windows have to be closed. 
Wiltingly, Elaine

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