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HI Mary 
Right you are on Facebook, agree 100 % ! I must admit that I used to have a Facebook account. It was most interesting to bump into people I hadn't seen in ages. 

But what those people have to say about their lives is so trivial ("Off to the pub for a beer" etc). Apart from that Facebook is EVIL, it undermines our privacy, it's dumb and stupid and people don't realize that Big Brother Is Watching. So I did the only sensible thing and quit.

Facebook is EVIL, good on you to stay away from this mass hypnosis.

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 I was working at an ancient Italian investment bank in Manhattan in 1985 when the annoying  phrase "face place" was invented, just about  the same time as "awesome" but long before "impact", "impacted" and "impactful" were used by anyone but dentists. 

 I wouldn't "join" Facebook if you held a pistol to my temple.

so long,
Mary Jensen

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