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GG: Desert Island Discs

Hello All,

While the Asperger's pot is (temporarily?) simmering and no longer
boiling, perhaps I could put forward another hypothetical question.

Kate Clunies-Ross mentioned that she thought she had heard that GG was
fond of Canada's equivalent of the BBC's Desert Island Discs (DID) and
had complained about not being asked to be the castaway.

If GG had been the castaway, what 8 pieces of music/recordings would he
have chosen? Which would have been his favourite? What 'comfort' item
would he have chosen in addition to the 8 discs, Shakespeare and the

Would he have had the temerity to have chosen any of his own recordings?
I seem to remember that a singer or performer who really did appear on
the BBC's version of DID chose mainly his/her own recordings...but that
may just be a trick of memory. Most castaways were too modest to do that,
or too mindful of a public that didn't have much time for bigheads.

As a starter, I nominate GG's car (Longfellow?) as the comfort item,
possibly together with the truck-drivers' café he used to frequent
complete with fug and swearing truckies.

Tim Conway
Broome, WA, Oz