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Re: GG: Desert Island Discs

>I wonder what eight records GG would have chosen. Perhaps he'd have done
>a William Walton and chosen eight of his own.

But of course, he *did* choose some desert island discs!
They are listed in the article written by GG for High Fidelity in June
1970. titles mentioned include the hymns and anthems of Orlando Gibbons, as
performed by the Deller Consort; Schoenberg's Serenade, by Bruno Maderna;
and Von Karajan's Berlin Philharmonic performance of Sibelius' Fifth Symph.
The complete article is presented in the Glenn Gould Reader.


Elyse Mach: "But do you think that if Beethoven came back to life he'd go
along with these notions of motif and tempo?"
Glenn Gould: "I don't really know, nor do I very much care..."