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Re: Ostwald's GG book

I can't wait for the new Ostwald book which Katherine Lee and others
discussed on the list a few weeks ago.  Anyone who attends the San
Francisco symposium will get a copy included in the price.  I understand
that it goes a bit further into this Gold/Gould issue (written about
also in the latest _GlennGould_ by John Beckwith).

Dr. Ostwald was a friend of GG's, a medical doctor (specializing I
believe in the ailments of muscians) and a muscian himself.  He
organized the first GG symposium in San Fran and his daughter (Lise
Deschamps-Ostwald) will be there this May to discuss the late doctor's
book.  Ostwald was interviewed by GG for his Schvnberg radio drama.  

I'm personally so tired of the usual Gould hagiographies with rehashed
info that I'm ready for a fresh approach.