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Re: new GG book

At 7:39 PM +0100 27/4/97, Robert Phelps wrote:
>The NY Times, in the midst of a rather thorough lynching of the David
>Helfgott "phenomenon", today mentions a forthcoming release from Peter F
>Ostwald titled Glenn Gould: The Ecstacy and Tragedy of Genius. (Such
>originality of theme! :-)) The short mention revolves around the book's
>supposed premise, and a thread in the articles debatable theories,that "
>Gould was more seriously disturbed than thought". Anyone know anything abt
>this book or the author? 

It is to be released later this week. It can be ordered from Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ISBN=0393040771/2438-6357921-013720

Most of Peter Ostwald's other books seem to have either Genius or Madness in the title:

Vaslav Nijinsky : A Leap into Madness; Peter Ostwald; 

The Pleasures and Perils of Genius : Mostly Mozart (Mental Health Library Series, Monograph 2); Peter F. Ostwald (Editor), et al; 

Schumann : The Inner Voices of a Musical Genius; Peter Ostwald;

Semiotics of Human Sound; Peter F. Ostwald;

The Threat to the Cosmic Order : Psychological, Social, and Health Implications of Richard Wagner's Ring of the Nibelung (Mental Health Library series; Peter F.
Ostwald (Editor), Leonard S. Zegans (Editor);

Vaslav Nijinsky : A Leap into Madness; Peter Ostwald;

Marius Coomans