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Re: new GG book

Marius helpfully said:

>Most of Peter Ostwald's other books seem to have either Genius or Madness in
>the title: Vaslav Nijinsky : A Leap into Madness......The Pleasures and Perils
>of Genius.......Schumann : The Inner Voices of a Musical Genius.....Semiotics
>of Human Sound [etc etc etc]  <snip>

What a depressing prospect: a life spent engaging the posthumous
psychoanalysis of great musicians. In my view this tends to produce the
worst of all possible worlds: crap psychology; bad writing; little interest
in, or understanding of, the art produced.

Of course, I could be doing the man a great injustice: maybe the book will
be a masterpiece and I'll have to eat my words and buy it.

But I don't think so.....

Best,  Alun


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