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Re: Eaton's No More

The Eaton auditorium where Glenn and Andrew Kazdin has been gone for quite
some time.  During the mid-seventies, Andrew and Glenn made a prolific
amount of recordings in the auditorium at night when the store was closed.
Some shopping centers then were built with fully equipped auditoriums and
stages.  Glenn didn't fly for nearly a decade at that point and didn't
care for the trip to New York anymore.  With permission, they set up a
portable studio with equipment Glenn had purchased to replicate the 
recording process used in the Masterworks studio.    

The doors were shut years later and the operations stopped.  Eaton's
announced its plans for a larger shopping center downtown to expand the
store.  Having two stores in operation was redundant, so
Glenn and Andrew in the midst of their own operations, were made to look

Their were no recordings the following year due Glenn's physical
difficulties with the control of his hands.

Glenn and Andy returned to the gutted Eaton's center wheb they discovered
the auditoium was still partially intact.  The building had no heat or
running water.  There were a few lightbulbs, a few walls, and a fog of
plaster dust.  Portable heaters ran on high but were only used between
recording sets since they emitted such a loud roar.  Only a handfull of
recordings were made here until Kazdin was fired for failing to use the
new digital decks to record the concert of a different artist.  Kazdin was
allowed to continue to work producing Glenn's records though since they
had a working relationship for over a decade and a half.  Glenn
preferred to produce on his own and ended abruptly the relaitonship.

The point to this history:

The building where Glenn made his recordings has not been an Eaton's
department store for almost twenty years now.