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Eaton's No More

I've just received word via Mary Lause, who read it in a current issue of
MacLean's magazine, that Eaton's department store is closing its doors for
good. A moment of silence for Eaton's, please.
(   )
Seems that the chain of stores has been failing for some time now, but the
proud and tight-lipped Eaton sons have kept quiet about the financial
difficulties until they could hide it no longer. Declaring bankruptcy, all
86 of the Eaton's stores are now set to close, including the main store
where our man Glenn had reached so many musical milestones.

Also in March 17th's MacLean's was a news item discussing the current plan
to unify six local municipalities in/around Toronto to create "a megacity
of 2.3 million people... and the citizens of Toronto have responded with an
explosion of political action. Torontonians like Toronto just the way it
is..." The issue also contains an article by GG's friend Bob Fulford,
called "City of Imagination". "Toronto is a metropolis with the mind of a
village..." says Fulford.
I wonder how Glenn would have responded to this attempt to "megasize"
Toronto. I think I can guess.

Many thanks to the watchful Mary for this news update. In return, she asks
for the answer to a most puzzling question, which I will reprint here:

"Payzant says in the last pages of the revised edition (GG: Music & Mind)
that GG gave several *unusually* (emphasis added by ML) candid interviews
in the last two years of his life... what were those?"

I haven't a clue which particular interviews Payzant was referring to.
Anyone know?

Best wishes,


"I take a powder right after a concert because I have this kook contingent
who follow me from place to place, and some of them are really teetering on
the balance."

--Glenn Gould, Holiday 4/64