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new GG book

The NY Times, in the midst of a rather thorough lynching of the David
Helfgott "phenomenon", today mentions a forthcoming release from Peter F
Ostwald titled Glenn Gould: The Ecstacy and Tragedy of Genius. (Such
originality of theme! :-)) The short mention revolves around the book's
supposed premise, and a thread in the articles debatable theories,that "
Gould was more seriously disturbed than thought". Anyone know anything abt
this book or the author? If sufficiently "tragic" it might get eaten up by
a public that revels in those cliches, but I already feel a weird
protective feeling towards GG in that I have mixed feelings as to a new
"tell all" about the man. I think I'd simply like to continue to enjoy any
new recorded offerings,into the new millenium if possible. As well as those
recordings I already cherish. That's where the real "tell-all" resides
anyway. The one I'm truly interested in.
                                             Peace, B.P.