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GG: Secret Sugar Addict


Call me paranoid, but I noticed things started slowing down after my
e-mail re: whether or not my own idolatry of Gould was so
different from that of his kook contingent's.  Richard's e-mail, however,
pointed out that I am not part of the kook contingent but, rather, the
*kook's* contingent.  Gosh, isn't there some children's rhyme or
sing-songy something to the effect of "Whatever you say I am, you are."
Hmmm... well, touche, Glenn.

As far as Gould having a secret penchant for butter pecan ice cream, I
think you are right, Kristin.  I had an Arrowroot cookie for the first
time last week (my friend offered me one because I was feeling 
queasy after a long car-ride) and, you know, those things are pretty
damn sweet.  Melba toast, rice cakes, or WASA crackers:  those are the
treats a true ascetic would indulge.  I guess the advantage of Arrowroots
is that they look like they'd taste just a tad better than WASA crackers
when, in fact, they are not even in the same taste ballpark as WASA

So Gould maintained his ascetic image munching on Arrowroots and all the
while, was giving himself a pretty nice sugar high.  And if he became a
sugar addict (and he certainly would after eating so many Arrowroots) you
know he'd be searching out bigger, richer doses at some point... 


> Incidentally, the list is rather slow these past few days... is everyone
> feeling alright? For lack of brilliant conversation, here's something funny
> to cheer you poor overworked individuals...
> I've been wondering if GG liked ice cream, or whether it made his insides
> too chilly. Though my mind tells me he would have found it far too
> indulgent, my heart tells me that deep down, Glenn was really a butter
> praline kind of guy. It sure would go great with those famous cookies he
> loved to munch. I could be wrong, the biographies are useless to this
> cause. Perhaps that's what Glenn was hiding in his trash the night Niv
> Fichman and his friends tailed him to the garbage dumpster way across town
> - an empty half gallon of rich, creamy, sinful butter pecan. ;-)
> ___________________________________________________________________________
> "I take a powder right after a concert because I have this kook contingent
> who follow me from place to place, and some of them are really teetering on
> the balance."
> --Glenn Gould, Holiday 4/64