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Re: change of address

>As soon as I upgrade to a PC that can digitise arrowroots and send them as
>email attachments -- my Mac unfortunately is not arrowroot compliant --
>they'll follow. I hope GG is doing his best to warm your little cold
>Very best,  Alun

You mean you didn't hear about Tempo, Mac's next OS currently under
development? Yes, soon OS 7.6 will give way to a new OS code named Tempo
(to be followed by Rhapsody and Sonata, I understand.)
With names like these, I can only assume that these machines will be
completely arrowroot compatible.

Incidentally, the list is rather slow these past few days... is everyone
feeling alright? For lack of brilliant conversation, here's something funny
to cheer you poor overworked individuals...
I've been wondering if GG liked ice cream, or whether it made his insides
too chilly. Though my mind tells me he would have found it far too
indulgent, my heart tells me that deep down, Glenn was really a butter
praline kind of guy. It sure would go great with those famous cookies he
loved to munch. I could be wrong, the biographies are useless to this
cause. Perhaps that's what Glenn was hiding in his trash the night Niv
Fichman and his friends tailed him to the garbage dumpster way across town
- an empty half gallon of rich, creamy, sinful butter pecan. ;-)


"I take a powder right after a concert because I have this kook contingent
who follow me from place to place, and some of them are really teetering on
the balance."

--Glenn Gould, Holiday 4/64