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A more desperate plea for the project

There have been a few questions about the GG project I am attempting, so
allow me a few minutes to clarify one or two points and ask once again
"Please send me sentences!" The more the better.

1.  All are welcome! Send as many phrases as you like, I will quite
literally need several dozen of them to make this work, and I currently
have 7 :-(  (You can send them to me off the list to save space and time)

2.  Types of phrases needed: This one was causing some confusion, so I've
broken it down into categories to make it easier. Again, I am looking for
things you would expect Glenn to say in conversation, but the phrases must
be original. No quotes, please. I want you to think as if you were writing
dialogue for GG - how would his character speak? Suggested categories are
(and perhaps you'll recognize a few of these):

*Questions (eg: "What, may I ask, prompts you to ask such an invasive and
counterproductive question?")

*Answers (eg: "If I were forced to decide, which I sincerely hope never to
be, I would have to say I enjoy them both the same.")

*Statements (eg: "The effect of much of Beethoven's music on me is hard to
describe, but let's just say I usually feel very, very grateful to the
inventors of Nembutal.")

*Conclusions (could be complex "If that is the way he feels about the
situation, then perhaps I should not feel guilty for past transgresses." or
simple "Well, that about wraps it up, don't you think?")

*Compliment (eg: "That's a very acute observation! I would never have
thought to look at it that way.")

*Note of Thanks (eg: "You are very kind to say so.")

*Acknowledgement (eg: "I understand, but I really do not have the time or
the inclination to confer with musical 'experts.' The opinions of my dog
are far more valuable, and, on the whole, more eloquently stated.")

3.  Will the final result be worth all this effort? Hell yes! If everything
works out as planned, everyone will be able to see this piece and I predict
mass enlightenment! Join today!!

Best regards, Kristen


"Glenn had barely cut down the ash that supposedly obstructed his playing
when he had the idea of simply drawing the curtains in his room, closing
the shutters. I could have spared myself the work of cutting down the ash,
he said... We often cut down such an ash, a whole forest of such mental
ashes, he said, and we could have spared ourselves the work with a simple
sleight of hand..."
-Thomas Bernhard