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Re: A more desperate plea for the project

Okay, Kristen, here's my attempt at Goulding:

"Upon serious cogitation one finds that there is no point, absolutely no
point at all, in hoping to discover a meaningful diametric here." 

Or how about:

"It is not for such as I to placate the incessant clamour of the masses
for second-rate Beethoven."

Or even:

"Had Bach and Schoenberg engaged in a tennis match, I have no doubt 
that the result would have resembled a charming farrago of demisemiquavers 
and a collapsed twelve-tone scale."

Tough to do, but fun! Can't wait to read the finished product.

Arin Murphy 
Student, Savoyard, 
Bookseller, Cellist-By-Night


"It really isn't difficult if you give your whole mind to it."
				-Lady Angela, Act 1
				   Gilbert & Sullivan's `Patience'