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GG:Critical work on IoN

For those of you out there who are _Idea of North_ buffs,
I recommend a recent issue of the scholarly journal _Essays on Canadian
Writing_ #59, Fall 1996 Special Topic: Representing North.

At least 4 of the articles within are either about GG's docudrama
directly or they mention IoN in some detail.  The two lengthiest pieces
are: "Of Inward Journeys and Interior Landscapes: Glenn Gould, Lawren
Harris and 'The Idea of North'" by Paul Hjartarson and "Listening,
Nordicity, Community: Glenn Gould's 'The Idea of North'" by Keven

(Lawren Harris is one of my fave Canadian painters-- a member of the
Group of Seven whose work brings to mind abstract Georgia O'Keefe.)