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Re: GG:Concerto after Marcello

On Wed. Feb. 26, 1997, Mary Jo Watts wrote:

>I just got two of the new GG CDs and am really interested in BWV 974,
>Bach's Concerto in D Min after Alessandro Marcello. Can anyone tell me
>anything about this piece?

        It's one of several keyboard transcriptions of concertos by Italian
composers that Bach made (during his years at Cöthen?).  Most were of
concertos by Vivaldi (from his Op. 3).  The Marcello concerto is orginally
for oboe and strings.
        I'm at work at the moment; all of my books that contain more
detailed information are at home.  If I find any more information, I'll
post it later.

>He seems to be playing the Adagio as if it were Brahms!

I find Gould's performance of the Adagio (and the rest of the concerto as
well) amazing!  I listened to the Marcello concerto twice during my train
ride home last evening.  As soon as I arrive home, I played it again.  In
the first movement, I think he "rolls" almost every chord (in a typical GG
manner).  The second movement is breath-taking.

In the adagio of the original (oboe) version, the oboe plays the aria over
muted strings.  The ethereal performance by Gould captures the spirit (in
my opinion at least) of the oboe version (all authenticity considerations
put aside).

I have one small problem.  I have a "mutant" copy of the booklet for the
Art of the Fugue CD; it is missing pages 1-4 (which contain the infomation
on recording dates etc.).  Would anyone be so kind as to email me the
information contained on these 4 pages?


Scott Henderson


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