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GG edition 8/Kultar video

I have a questions about edition 8.  Is the chromatic fantasy different
version from the video series?  They have different recording dates.  But
in the video, GG said to Bruno, this is my first and last performance of
the chromatic fantasy.  Was GG lying?

While looking for Gould CDs, I found another GG video from Kultar.  I am
wondering if this is a new release.  Its titled "Glenn Gould:Two
Portraits."  If this video was discussed on the list, then ignore this
message.  The video is divided into two sections, Off the Record and On
the Record.  First part shows GG relaxing and playing at his summer
retreat home.  Some of the clips (like GG walking his dog and playing on
his chickering piano) were shown in the "A Portrait" (another kultar
video)  There is a scene in this video where GG is conversing with someone
named Franz Kraemer.  Kraemer unwisely says to GG that Webern's music is
shy.  GG quickly responds by playing Webern in a very bold manner.  He
then say THIS is shy music and plays Shubert!  Part two is a film of
recording session for Italian Concerto.  Its very similar to the studio
scene from 32Films.  There is funny scene where Gould grudgingly poses for
publicity photos.  While the photographer clicks away, GG mockingly plays
gouldified version of clair de lune.  This video was originally done by
National Film Board of Canada and is presented in a documentary style.
The narrator can be little obtrusive but overall I highly recommend this

Gerald Cho