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Re: More alternatives to GG


Here's something you might be interested in. I picked up a fantabulous
book entitled _Passion & Anger: The Last Master_, volume one of a
fictional biography of Ludwig van Beethoven. It's by John Suchet, a name
some of you might recognise as belonging to a telejournalist who
corresponds from all over Western Europe. It was a breathtaking joy to
read from beginning to end, and I'm kicking myself with a crazy grin on my
face for breaking my rule of `never start a series that hasn't been
completed yet'. It's published by Little Brown and it's a UK edition, new
as of very late 1996. It covers LvB's life from five or so up to the
Heiligenstadt Testament when he finally accepted that he was going deaf. 
I think you'd like it, Alun - from one bookseller to another I recommend 
it! And you can rip into me as much as you like if you don't enjoy it, or 
if it's not your thing, or whatever!

I personally haven't gotten as far as the late quartets - I'm still 
blissfully wading about in the Rasumovskys - but methinks I'll hie to my 
classical music store (thankfully Montreal has several megastores with 
EXCELLENT supply! - not to mention reasonably priced!) and scoop one or 
so up.

Just so this has some GG connection -- have any of you evaluated the 
Images discs yet? Here in Montreal I can get both editions -- which 
should I go for, or should I forego them? (That was completely 
unintentional - my mind has been wallowing in howlingly painful 
but brilliant Gilbertian lyrics for too long now, soothed only by 
Sullivanian serenity in music!)

Cheers, all!

Arin Murphy
Concordia University, Montreal

`It really isn't difficult if you give your whole mind to it.'
				- Lady Angela, Act 1
				    Gilbert & Sullivan's `Patience'