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Re: GG: Genes & Genius

Kristen wrote:

>The Grieg was on his mother's side. Her name was Florence Gould (or Gold)
>neé Greig, just like his cousin Jessie. The "Greig" was spelled differently
>from the composer's "Grieg" , Gould claimed, because his mother's family
>(all the way back to the great-grandfather to whom Edvard Grieg was a
>cousin) held onto the traditional Scots spelling of the name while Edvard's
>great-grandfather, crossing the North Sea in the 1740's to settle in
>Bergen, rearranged the vowels to give his name a more "Nordic" ring. Hope
>this helps clear the confusion a bit.

All the people I know called Greig or Grieg adamantly pronounce it 'Gregg' rather than 'Greeg'. None are Norwegian. Is this significant?

Mary Jo wrote:

>> This would seem to contradict the possibility of GG being related to Grieg
>>or of his ancestors having been McGregors.
>No, because GG was related to Grieg through his mother's side-- Florence
>Greig was her name (note vowel shift.) The Gold/Gould dilemma being his
>father's responsibility.

Pardon my ignorance, but I thought you had to have a Jewish mother to be counted a proper Jew. If Flo was a true Scot, Glen(n) Go(u)ld couldn't have been worried about being Jewish, although I suppose his paternal forebears could. It all gets mighty confusing. And who cares? But how should 'Gould' be pronounced in the light of this new knowledge? As in goal, or as in ghoul?

Kristen wrote earlier apropos circumcision:

>    Only one [question]: What website has the photos?- wink wink ;-)
>    (I bet Tim Conway knew I was going to say that...)

I didn't, KI, but as you labelled me a 'varmint' in an earlier joust I'm happy to confirm that there is no Web site...The only prepucial info repository to hand, as it were, is an email address. If you wish to use the superhighway's equivalent of a plain brown envelope, please communicate with snip.ping@thegen.it.alia. Double wink wink ;-) Varmint, indeed. Harumph. [snip]. Heh, heh.


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