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RE: [F_minor] RE: F_minor Digest, Vol 42,Issue 4 / Mark Lancaster's question re GG & Asperger Syndrome

On the subject of wealth, the good Doctor had this to say:
"All that great wealth generally gives above a moderate fortune is more room for the freaks of caprice, and more privilege for ignorance and vice, a quicker succession of flatteries, and a larger circle of voluptuousness.
  — Samuel Johnson: Rambler #38 (July 28, 1750)"
One sadly recalls the passing of M. Jackson and his rather "freakish" life of wealth and self indulgence, whose whims set aflame a dream-like existence but whose demise transpired by the quiet whimper of a failed heart.

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Subject: Re: [F_minor] RE: F_minor Digest, Vol 42,Issue 4 / Mark Lancaster's question re GG & Asperger Syndrome

I hope my pathetic memory gets my favorite Doctor Johnson quote right:
"Nothing is more doomed than a scheme for mirth."
Of Asperger's ... and I sincerely sympathize with the authentic difficulties families have with it (if it indeed exists) ...
Still, what an odd, curious disease that floods our world with such beauty and such remarkable achievements.
Perhaps, like pregnancy and childbirth, it is a matter for doctors, but it is most assuredly NOT a disease. It is a phenomenon we are all fortunate to share our world with, and something we ought more appropriately to rejoice and celebrate than label a disease.
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And just to add a bit of chili powder to the keg of explosive missives, I am a big fan of the brilliant English writer, Dr. Samuel Johnson, who it is now presumed suffered (very badly) from Tourette's Syndrome.  This did not stop his prodigious output and having full access to his monumental intellect.  His suffering was on the outside, on his uncontrollable body quirks and not on the inside where his mind roamed free.  Perhaps it was a bit like this for our beloved G.G.?
Kind regards,
Fred Houpt
Toronto, Ontario

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