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[F_minor] Robert Schumann

Hi all.  On Friday I downloaded a bunch of Schumann piano sonata stuff I'd never played before and have played them over the weekend.  Wow, what fantastic material.  I can only assume that the reason we almost never here it played is because they are so very difficult to master, never mind memorize...they being quite long and wandering all over the place.  I was very impressed.  There are some excellent recordings on You Tube of this material with Argerich and of course she just blows you away.  I am curious why GG only played the Schumann Quintet and did not record his sonatas?  He was attracted to Richard Strauss's piano pieces but he avoided Schumann?  I can't figure it out. I encourage all to listen to the music as it is quite unfairly neglected.

Best regards,

Fred Houpt

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