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[F_minor] GG Gets Watch / F Minor


  What a spectacularly good photograph of Gould in The Torontoist. My God doesn't he clean up nicely! Are you familiar with that phrase? It can be taken the wrong way. Up to now I have never seen him looking so...suave. The original text is good as well.  
  Are you surfing The Torontoist frequently? How did you come across this article? Seeing it makes me wonder what other archive photos and articles are sitting around in Toronto unseen and forgotten. Not just in Toronto.

  I thought Sheriff Lehman's comment was uncalled for. He has no bloody business getting on to F minor to rebuke other members who are actively participating with news and links. I shall say so there. Do you remember the Slate article on Bach with not one mention of Gould? I still have it, I wrote in to the comments to right the wrong. 
  Curious coincidence, earlier today I was reading an HIP (historical performance practice) blog on which Lehman was a member, he participates in all the HIP blogs. One of the subjects being discussed at length was the recording of music (Bach, Handel, others) - no Gould but for one member who mentions GG as one "who turned cut and paste into an ideology". !!!

  Lehman is a devoted advocate and specialist of HIP. He is a musicophile as well. Fine. You remember the way he responded to my email on "In Your Face, Glenn Gould" - if not go back to his email. HIP is his life, he didn't even address the point of my email. 

  Anne French answered his rudeness well, I will too, you should write something too. If Lehman wants to dismiss Gould's place in history let him but he hasn't the right to stop anyone (or denigrating anyone) participating on Fminor. No wonder members stop writing in. 

 I have to go to bed, I can't think anymore.
1,000 thanks for the Torontoist.

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