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Re: [F_minor] GG Gets Watch / F Minor

maryellen jensen wrote:
Lehman is a devoted advocate and specialist of HIP.
> He is a musicophile as well. Fine. You remember the way
> he responded to my email on "In Your Face, Glenn Gould" -
> if not go back to his email. HIP is his life, he didn't
> even address the point of my email.

Mary, please help me understand what you are talking about. Your posting about the article "In your face, Glenn Gould" was on 7/08/08, with the subject line "BACK TO BACH AND BELLYACHING". I have gone back and reread all my on-list postings from there forward, and I do not see anything in any of them that could be considered even remotely offensive. I also don't see anything that should cause you to get mistaken impressions about me....

7/22 in that same thread, my only posting was to say that I commend Richard Egarr's recording of the Goldberg Variations. That was in response to Singh's posting, not yours (and I was not aware that I was even *expected* to respond to yours!). Have you listened to that Egarr recording yourself? You didn't say, one way or the other, in your 7/08 posting where you were complaining about that Kahn article. And, how should I or anyone else here be held responsible for things that Egarr or the Kahns said about GG in print?

In September there were two postings by me about Keith Jarrett's recording, which again have nothing to do with any of your comments.

In October my two postings were about piano vs harpsichord questions.

In November my single posting was to applaud a filmed piano performance by Chico Marx.

In December my single posting was to point out that Gould's Bach was heavily influenced by his encounters with Schoenberg's music and ideas.

I posted one time in February, only to say that GG's cadenza to the Beethoven concerto #1 was published a long time ago in a magazine.

Last Wednesday I posted three sentences about playing Byrd/Gibbons on harpsichord, where GG played them on piano.

And that is all, until yesterday's posting about that LA Times article.

I don't see where you are getting this "Sheriff" business, in reference to me. I post on this discussion list very sporadically. When I do, I try to speak (write) my opinions as clearly as I can, and always in appreciation of Gould's work...both about its strengths and its possible shortcomings.

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