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Re: [F_minor] What has f_minor been to you?

I am a newcomer to f-minor, a 60-something year old former Buffalonian
(and then frequent visitor to Toronto, including the 10th anniversary
of GG's death where I ran into John Roberts and had a fascinating
conversation! )Now in Santa Barbara, CA, I find such scanty knowledge
of GG here that it's hard to believe.  So when I found this List, it
restored my faith.  I'm too new to have a favorite thread, but I do
have a couple of Lukas Foss/GG stories that may be apocryphal, but are
nonetheless amusing.  Some other time for those.  Was anyone else at
that 10th anniversary in September of 1992?  It was amazing.  Also, to
show you my longstanding and absolute devotion to All Things Glenn, my
2nd son was born on 9/15/72, but his due date was 9/25.  To this day I
remind him that he was due on Glenn Gould's 40th birthday, which
doesn't seem to impress him other than to confirm his suspicions that
his mother has gone round the bend.  And btw, my adoration for Glenn
began when I was in my 20's (the 1960's - a good time for Gould),
while washing dishes in my kitchen.  I didn't hear my husband come in
the front door and put a brand new record -vinyl of course - on the
turntable.  It was the Italian Concerto, and when the opening chord
was struck I was so stunned that I actually broke the glass I was
washing and cut my  hand, which was inside the glass.  I quickly
forgot my wounds and the rest of the dishes as I listened in my own
"state of wonder" to the rest of the recording.  It was worn out from
playing long before CD's arrived on the scene.  Long Live the List!
--  Anne French

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 1:28 PM, pzumst <pzumst@bluewin.ch> wrote:
> Yo Mary Jo and list
> First of all I would like to thank you very much you for the good work that
> has come down in the past ten years or so, I recikon I can speak on behalf
> of the list (and I hope I will not be the last to point that out !). I hope
> that this experience will continue in the future. Also all the best for your
> grad !
> You kindly asked us to fill out a questionnaire (*sigh*), so here we go. It
> will be interesting to see the feedback from the other list members,
> therefore I decided to reply not just to Mary Jo, but the whole list.
> What have been your experiences with this f_minor phenom?
> Still exciting You make a query and get a reply from Japan or Canada. Or get
> one from Norway ot the UK. And you can eavesdrop on conversations you would
> otherwise never listen to or show interest.
> Memorable moments?
> The Klein Fight ca. 1999. One of the few times the sparks were really flying
> in no mistake ! Also, when I jonied the list I was given a warm welcome and
> thanks to a member from Japan I was able to buy The Jubilee Album which I
> wanted for a long time.
> Connections made?
> Yep, definetly.  Not in RL, but certainly online or off-list.
> Ideas absorbed?
> Learned a lot about Bach, HIP and audio recording. And lots of other stuff.
> Prejudice debunked?
> Yep, I should listen to more Beethoven. And Mozart.
> Kindred spirits?
> Too many to count or thank. The wohle list I reckon, past and present.
> Annoyances?
> Few, if any. But we need more activity on this list. It has been too quiet
> for too long.
> Favorite threads?
> Too many to count.
> Best off-topics?
> s.a.
> Do we know too much?
> Like me Dad used to say: You can never know too much ! Even about GG, but it
> is rather difficult to find new subjects. Newbies are welcome to ask anyway
> I reckon.
> Did he outlast his ghostly welcome?
> Very good question. Especially since the list activity has decreased a bit I
> have wondered if GG is still relevant as a pianist, if his musical points of
> view are still valid nowdays. But even if he is not in favour with the
> buying public or pianists (or MJ's sources in NYC) at the moment he and his
> recordings will never completely fade away and a comeback of sorts might be
> around the corner. I guess the easiest answer to this question not to think
> too hard and enjoy the music instead.
> Why has the mailing list format  been so successful?
> Because it is simple to use. I would quite annoyed if this list had to move
> to a web forum with constant registration, passwords and all that.
> Well, tha's it. If anyone should be unsatisfied with my answeres, go ahead,
> send in your own.!
> Regards
> Pat
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